We pride ourselves on total satisfaction from each and every valued client. Each recruit carries with them the reputation of Worldnet Recruitment which we hope is reflected in the testimonials from our clients

Sonia Middleditch

Managing Director Worldnet UK

At Asian Assets we have nearly thirty years of experience in the financial markets, embracing numerous locations including the UK, the Middle East and Asia.

Trusted partnerships have proven to be invaluable over the years and few more so than the one we enjoy with WorldNet, Sonia and her team.

WorldNet are a reliable source of quality personnel seeking opportunities in the offshore space, as these candidates have been through an intensive training/preparatory course before setting off on their journey – and arrive in their chosen destination with a firm grasp of the challenges and opportunities ahead. This makes for a refreshing change in the offshore world.

As WorldNet have two decades of experience in this sector, they also have very deep intelligence on the various offshore markets and are happy to share this with their clients to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all parties.

With countless relationships with the major players around the world, the repeat business WorldNet enjoys is testimony to their professionalism.

Jim Quinn

Managing Director, Asian Assets

I have been associated with World Net Recruitment for over 15 years. As a recruit attending a course myself with World Net Recruitment in 1998, I was given an excellent grounding for the Financial Service Industry. Within weeks after leaving the course I was installed in a new position into the offshore IFA market.

After many years I built up my experience and qualifications and one year ago launched my own business Arck Wealth Insurance Consultants Ltd. Now going full circle I am and recruiting people from World Net Recruitment for my own business. Recruits and clients are treated with a high standard of professionalism from Sonia Middleditch and her team.

I am more than happy to endorse the services that World Net Recruitment provides

Douglas Gouldbourne

Director, Arck Wealth Insurance Consultants Ltd, March 2013.

Sovereign International Group is a rapidly expanding offshore consultancy focussing on the top echelon of high net worth expatriates. As such we demand the very highest calibre consulting and sales talent available in the industry to fulfil our client partner roles. We have successfully utilised the talent identification services of WR&T to fulfil several of our specific niche requirements.

The value we derive as a Group from the WR&T team is their ability and willingness to learn and anticipate our talent requirements- be this skills and experienced based, but most fundamentally at the cultural level.

This is a recruitment and development discipline seldom found in any industry, let alone financial services, and one to which we are extremely satisfied and grateful to receive. We would happily endorse the services of WR&T

Martin Field

Director, Sovereign International Group 2008

I am pleased to offer Royal Skandia’s support to WorldNet Recruitment and Training. I can confirm that, as a member of Royal Skandia’s Sales Team, we have contributed to the numerous Training Courses held at WorldNet’s Head Office over the last seven years. My colleagues and myself have always found the calibre of the recruits on the courses to be of a very high standard. It is pleasing to see that the recruits are keen to learn more about International Products and the opportunities that exist within International Financial Planning.

It is equally pleasing, when travelling to see IFAs throughout our regions, to come across familiar faces from the courses we have attended, successfully placed with IFAs of their choice. Keep up the good work in bringing experienced sales people to the International Market-place, it certainly fulfils a strong demand from the International IFA sector.
Joe Kelly

Regional Director, Royal Skandia, July 2004

I have been involved with WorldNet since the Company’s establishment and have always found their training and selection process to be first class. They are an important provider of professional new consultants to Financial Services throughout the world.

Christopher J Hawley

Regional Director, Generali International, March 2004.

I am pleased to give a testimonial of my company’s long association with Sonia Middleditch and her team at WorldNet Recruitment & Training. Our companies association goes back some 6 years and during that time we have found the quality and, equally important, the commitment of the consultants introduced to be superior to those from any other similar organisation.

So many of these consultants are key figures at KMI today. I also feel that time previously wasted on recruiting ourselves is now much better spent on developing new business, leaving the experts at WorldNet to recruit for us. This has been a crucial factor in making KMI one of the largest Central and Eastern European brokers.

Lee Green

CEO, KMI Consultants October 2002.

We have taken on some very good people from WorldNet. Indeed, out of the six we have hired over the past year and a half, not one has left. This is very important given the costs involved in recruiting IFAs.

Sonia is good at analysing the people on the course and suggesting where and to whom they should apply.

Bill Tatham

Managing Director, Towry Law International January 2000.

Many people can testify from within the industry to WorldNet’s prowess in the international financial recruitment world. I would like to testify from outside that world about the people who are WorldNet – Sonia and her team. It is their values, professionalism and personal qualities which make WorldNet a stand-out service. Their desire to offer the highest quality of support and their valuing of people coming through their hands is very evident.

As a coach and trainer, I have the pleasure of working with Sonia in her support for recruits, partnering in WorldNet’s aim of ensuring the highest quality care for recruits.

I have known Sonia far too many years to mention but look forward to an ongoing association for many more years to come with a wonderful consultancy for which integrity is a priority.
It is a great pleasure for me to commend WorldNet without hesitation or reservation.

Ken Donaldson

Founder of Reach, www.reachfortheway.com

My association with Sonia and her outstanding work is now in its twentieth year, and to be able to say that confirms there is something very rewarding about the relationship. That something has many nuances, all of which are best illustrated in the shared values that have become evident during that time.

Whether it is integrity or professionalism, high standards or intuition, I find myself always feeling rewarded as a result of time spent with Sonia, both socially and professionally; it is a joy to be part of the service she offers.

I can say with certainty that the combination of who Sonia is, what she offers, and how she offers it is a rarity in the industry today. This can only be a good thing for those who choose to appoint her to take care of their futures. I look forward to extending my time in her company at every opportunity.

Richard Moat

Performance Coach, www.RichardMoat.com

I have used WorldNet Consultants several times, the quality of the candidates is always very high therefore I can recommend WorldNet’s services.

Andrew Jackson

CEO of Capital Growth Solutions, April 2010

AES International have always found WorldNet to be extremely professional and client focused. As a direct result of their careful selection and training process we have saved a lot of time and money and look forward to continuing to build on this invaluable relationship.

Sam Instone

Partner, AES International, July 2007

It is increasingly difficult to find high calibre staff for the Offshore Financial Services Industry. Historically, many companies have used the old, throwing much at the wall and see what sticks philosophy, however, in today’s world of high speed communication and access to information, only the very best will succeed. Therefore at Offshore Investment Brokers we only utilise the best support companies in the market place. With this criteria in mind we choose WorldNet to provide out staffing solutions throughout the Globe.

WorldNet provide us with some of the highest quality professionals in the market place, we always know any staff provided by WorldNet are likely to become one of the industries leaders. WorldNet not only provide the basic raw material, they also run a very high quality induction course, bringing in Industry leaders to provide that much needed initial view on what is often a life changing move.

As we proceed with our ambitious expansion plans, it is imperative we work together with a highly professional unit to provide the best possible environment for our staff and most importantly, to make sure our clients and the public have the opportunity of dealing with the best the industry has to offer.

We can highly recommend WorldNet as a sector leader in providing Staffing Solutions to the Financial Services Industry.

Richard J.D.Glover M.L.I.A.(dip), ICFA

Director, Offshore Investment Brokers, April 2004

I have been involved with WorldNet since the Company’s establishment and have always found their training and selection process to be first class.

They are an important provider of professional new consultants to Financial Services throughout the world.

Steve Flora

CEO, OFS (Asia) March 2004.

In my 5-year (and growing) association with WorldNet I have come to know ‘the business’ very well indeed. I have a simple strategy for starting and maintaining relationships with individuals: If our values match, then we will enjoy knowing and working with each other. This is very much the case with Sonia and Lauren.

The values and principles upon which they have built WorldNet are entirely in sync with mine: integrity, service, quality, professionalism, people before profit. I am grateful for having been introduced to Sonia, and for her allowing me to do what I enjoy most – making a contribution to the personal and professional lives of all those associated with WorldNet.

It is no wonder I enjoy working with WorldNet, and long may it continue

Richard Moat

Managing Director, MoAtivation November 2002

Sonia is a breath of fresh air to the Offshore Industry. She has the talent for spotting the winners and then matching them with their potential employers, giving the maximum chances of success for all parties concerned.

Kevin Mudd

Chairman of Inter-Alliance, CEO of The Private Client Portfolio October 2002.