Sonia Middleditch

The Managing Director of WorldNet, was introduced to the international financial services industry as Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the World’s first offshore financial services group – now part of a leading network of independent offshore financial consultants.

She had seen ambitious and enthusiastic Independent Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers and Investment consultants leaving the UK sector realising the potential of utilising their talents abroad but, being recruited by agencies with little experience of the market place overseas.

Agencies were enticing ‘starry-eyed’ candidates with promises of huge commissions and no regulation (promiscuity without responsibility), for IFA jobs abroad but were offering no preparation training. Such agencies were flying out would-be consultants to destinations where very little support was afforded, resulting in candidates returning home in a complete state of disillusionment

Sonia became convinced that a number of factors influenced the placing of a consultant offshore and their success.

  • Firstlythe selection and recruitment of first-class professional IFA’S/Wealth Managers was fundamental.
  • Secondly, Sonia appreciated that it was crucial for candidates to undergo induction training to prepare them for their chosen role abroad.
  • Finally, and of paramount importance, was the placement of the candidate in a jurisdiction and with a client where the candidate could realise their full potential.

Sonia was determined to use her knowledge and experience to influence the offshore financial marketplace in a positive way and set up WorldNet in 1997, as an independent company. 

The business has developed on a gradual basis with an expanding client base internationally, which has encouraged tremendous growth in terms of opportunities available to potential global financial consultants.

The demand for offshore IFA’s has greatly increased and given the ongoing restrictions, less freedom, flexibility and earning potential in the UK financial market, the demand for placement is also increasing.